How blogging helps me stay committed to my goals.

Perusing your dreams takes commitment and resolve.

How do you stay committed?

I find it important to have the pinnacle in mind at all times.

The ideal that may seem un attainable, is used as a tool to expand the body’s awareness towards other experiences of reality that are more desireable.

Then we find ourselves immediately closer to our goals then we realized. We feel the resonance of a created future. The resonance of our future selves.

What core beliefs keep you committed?

Core beliefs play a role for or against our efforts to realize goals. Worthiness is fundemental. Take a measurement of your self worth today, and tomorrow.

How do you remind yourself of this commitment?

What rituals have you set in place to serve as a stress buffer while dealing with managing your commitment?

Have you considered writing as a creative process for living your life?

The Empowered Living blog is committed to sharing the tools and tips indicative to creating pathways to empowerment in any situation. Stories are from real life situations that we can relate to and have experienced. Through writing, I aim to provide doses of highest truth, deepest body consciousness, emotional wellness and spirtual empowerment.

May the blog help give power to words that enable change and personal growth during our time on the planet and beyond.

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