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Olivia Perez Biera ~ I am a spiritual energy healer, consultant in the healing arts and author of the Empowered Living Blog, The Alphabet Map for Renewing your Life and Breath of My Soul. I offer effective techniques for Soul, Mind, Emotions, Body that create a personal resource for spiritual empowerment. To move forward and expand into the life that you have the power to create.

I have been trained as a healing therapy facilitator and body-mind practitioner since my childhood age. For more details of my volunteer and career history, visit my LinkedIn page.

Spritual Empowerment

I developed my own spiritual healing therapy I call, Spectrum Spiritual Energy Healing from over 22 years of learning the healing arts through oral native tradition, dance vibration and technical instruction.  For private clients, it includes esoteric, spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental psychic attention in a way that is non-judgemental and fundamentally enlightened. It allows an overflow of the spirit of healing and a deeper soul connection for the client.

OPB Consulting

Olivia P. Biera founded her consulting business in January 2000. A passionate Spiritual Healing Therapy Practitioner, Facilitator and Manager in the Healing Arts and Cosmetics/Spa Industry. For over 20 years Olivia has affiliated with healers, products, companies and practitioners who are green stewards of integrity, ethics and effective change. 

As a Spiritual Healer and Source Expert in the Healing Arts, Olivia has serviced countless clients in effective techniques for your Mind, Body, Emotion, Spirit, and Business. Facilitating for groups or private clients in the art of understanding themsleves through thier intuition and visioning for wellness and purpose balancing.

In 2017 she began the blog oliviaperezbiera.com to empower others towards living a lifestyle of time and financial freedom. She inspires the young and old with ancient pearls of wisdom and universal truths for Empowered Living.

by Olivia Biera  – CEO