Celebrating 20 Years of Self-Employment

Celebrating 20 Years of Self-Employment

Life is sticky, stay clean 😉


20 years ago this month, I began the journey of a lifetime as a Sole Proprietor. I registered my business OPB Consulting with the county of Los Angeles I was 20 years old.

Back then, and still today I was paid for dancing, making regalia, use of language, my administration services, make up artistry, and clear insight.

Today I celebrate the anniversary of following my passion, accepting my gifts and doing whatever it took to release any resistance to the gifts life gives us, landing on earth. Much of that time was spent in the dark not really understanding how everything fits together yet as time went on the truer I was to myself, my feelings and my intuition the more I was able to obey my instincts and tame my intellect into what is today LA Healer and

This is the avenue with which I get to take what I have learned and continues to be an ongoing learning process and share with a world I see suffering. Many looking to have something outside of themselves. Or some grasping to save something. The deepest trauma flexing will give way to waste precious energy on something that probably doesn’t need saving in the first place.

I see, for you and for all, freedom from that and other aspects of the pain-body.

Thank you to all of the relatives here and there who have or will teach me along the way. I see you, I recognize you and I appreciate you immensely.

So to celebrate this milestone in my journey through life, with you, I will be breaking down some of the most fundamental keys to embracing your self as a healer or for some of you, refining your foundations to end any bad habits or experiences you have accumulated along the way in your practitionership.

We will be having some classes specific to what folks are asking for help with, stuff that’s vibrant to this moment of existence. So please share here with me and the community the lectures and workshops you’d like shared as I begin to make more videos for learning.

Be sure to subscribe to hear more about this journey and what I have learned from the Masters along the way. Let’s support one another with the tools we have been given.


As Always Infinite Blessings,



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