Dealing with life‘s ups and downs

How the natural movement of processing shows up.

Life is a roller coaster. What is your center of gravity to keep you on track?

What does your support circle look like when unexpected twists, drops, and circumstances show up?

Magic is, as natural as the sun is to light. It is up to us and every moment to see the magic and the perfection in everything.

Why is it perfect even if it feels miserable?

Perhaps the choice is always there to accept what is, as a mystery that is unfolding in your favor. To enable the perspective that keeps curiosity ahead of the judgment.

Happiness is an unpinched energy flow and resistance-free appreciation. It is an ever-growing availability for joy, peace of mind neutrality or whatever it is that offers pleasure on the journey of the individual seeking it.

Circumstances may give us a new opportunity to deal with challenges. It is in these very moments that we have choice enabling us a pathway forward.

What happens, as many of us get tripped up on external forces like jobs, people, infrastructures, institutional bureaucracy or simply the self-made misery of the uncontrolled state of mind.

Emotions can play a big part. The way we deal with them, honoring or diss honoring them can cause a spiral effect that we may not recognize until it’s too late.

But is it ever really too late?

Lilo and I at Los Angeles Historic State Park aka the cornfields.

I lost my dog today she was hit by a car in front of our home a few hours before the eclipse. My daughter and I buried her at the exact time of the full moon lunar eclipse in cancer. I also buried with her many emotions that I have been brewing in my space since last October when my boyfriend left me. There was a lot of mourning of our relationship, a lot of pain of rejection, and the peaks of the beautiful memories we made together. Many days went by when I cried unexpectedly for the death of the illusion of who I thought he was.

How many times can we let go?

The compound effect of two losses to my family, myself and my two daughters had come to a boil. I had been letting go over and over again wishing I had finished the process already. Recognizing my reflections and chucking them to the winds. Today felt different, something else was mixing and with the vacuum of the eclipse, I once again found myself ready to let go.

Which has brought me to the concept of un bonding. I know from my experience as a facilitator of healing, that the bonding between two people in an intimate environment can last way longer than anticipated during those moments of the bonding. The energy of the eclipse and the felt state of the non-judgment for the loss of the dog stirred up an understanding that the unbonding process also needs circulation and movement. It was at that moment I felt the ability to speed it up because Lord knows I am tired of crying for the loss of an illusion.

I took the rest of the day to breathe in myself, be supportive to my daughters, and think about how I would treat myself if I were my client.

I recognize my reflections and projections and take responsibility for my emotional availability to my internal self. The eternal part of me that is a resource and fountain of positive energy waiting to be expressed.

I consciously detach myself from the bonds of the past with complete faith in the oneness that holds us all individually and spiritually rooted in itself.

This requires surrendering to the great mystery that knows how, who, where what and why. It leaves me only at the moment to receive the next step towards peace, and joy and simple fun.

It is from this place of unknowing and barely doing that I seal off the bonds to the past or the future.

Quietly, under the tones of grieving, my daughters both inquired about another pet. They quickly move to what sparks their joy. My response was the same. If that is on the path of what the Great Mystery of the highest energies prefers for our happiness, then it will be.

Infinite Blessings,


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