7 Way to Strengthen your Emotional Body

One day my daughter came home crying intensely. She had lost a friend.

There was a disagreement at her elementary school and the best friend she had been clinging to was now unwilling to take that responsibility. She had claimed a boundary for herself.

My daughter was devistated.

I explained to my daughter that what her friend did was find a way to take care of herself, to nurture herself. I was more than willing to help my daughter do the same.

See all the pain of a break-up or loss of a loved one has us questioning. Why?

Especially if you know that relationship had become toxic. Yet many of us still stew in the pain ofthe loss, and that is a big no-no.

I told my daughter to focus her attention and energy into being responsible for herself.

To add another layer of responsibility, I asked her about her commitment to improving her self as a person.

So often we commit all our efforts to a successful relationship BEFORE we commit to improving and expanding what we know about ourselves.

Here are some ways to strengthen your emotional body.

  • Be responsible for yourself
  • You are in charge of your life, and only you can make you happy. Learn to accept responsibility for your emotions, your behavior, and all that you do to influence your existence.
  • Giving over responsibility to others or blaming them for your situation is a sign that you have not accepted responsibility and are allowing others to dictate your emotional well-being.
  • Value personal development
  • Emotionally strong people understand the value of personal growth and development.
  • They seek advice from others, search for new opportunities to learn, and focus on ways to better themselves and their lives.
  • Know when to get help
  • Being emotionally healthy does not mean having all the answers or being “perfect.” Instead, it means knowing that sometimes you may need the support of others to cope with some of your emotions.
  • Getting assistance from a support network or a professional are all healthy signs that you value your emotional help and are willing to do what is needed to accomplish that goal.
  • Using the energy flowing within you, sweep the area around your head and heart and breathe new lifeenergy into your space
  • Care for your heart my sitting quietly to listen to the voice of your heart. To do this you must be gentle with yourself.

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