5 Steps to Creating Passive Income – Part 1

First ask yourself,… Who is in charge of you?

Who do you need permission from to live the life you have dreamed of?

I decided to be my own boss back when I was 21. My new “job” as an executive assistant to a metaphysical Dr. required me to sign an “At Will” contract with them upon being hired.

I was young and researched that contract to understand what i was signing. It was an agreement usually reserved at that time for free lance jobs i had as a makeup artist. It meant that my “boss” could fire me “at will” and I could also leave the job at will. It took away many of the responsibilites an employer had to his employee.

So suddenly…and this is very important, I was my own boss and my “employer” was my client. I changed my MINDSET, from that point forward my business was formed. Everyone i worked with had my service and realized my value.

My life expenses became my business expenses and I learned the tax forms necessary to declare myself a sole proprietor.

This choice to change my mindset has propelled me and still does even today. Its a choice to risk your money for freedom, rather than risk your freedom for a paycheck.

So the 1st step to creating a passive income is choosing the MINDSET.

That mindset is your partner, your propeller, your motor for motivation. It is you serious about what you can accomplish. It is you ready to work diligently for the marathon of constant income streaming in. It is you clear and creative, as an entrepenuer.

If you are someone who feels like life is happening to you rather than you, creating your life, then this 1st step will be the hardest. It will take time and coaching and that is why I am writing this and other posts.

Check out parts 2-5 of this topic to get on with empowering your life.

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