Mind, Body, Emotional and Spiritual Remedies for every day.

✨ We often walk through life from a projected stance or wandering outside of ourselves for an ability to cope. The perspective we carry can become convoluted and meshed with the data stimulation coming from all corners. It is essential to organize oneself into the 4 sacred directions of our energies which are the mind, body, emotions, and soul.

Stay Present


Meditation brings breath and awareness to the inner self. It is significant to be mindful of how often we find ourselves astral traveling. Much associated metaphysical healing with something taking place far away from physicality.  However, to stay extra present, and be in the now with your attention on your inner self, is genuinely cultivating your inner wisdom.

The Calm Voice

The inner self can finally be heard, and it has a calm voice, a peaceful process for one to consider. Yet that sound of your soul will never tell you what to do or require some type of payment in return for its presence. The calmest voice inside, the one that knows what you know and that you know, will always be a subtle supportive presence for you to tune into.

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The Others and Intuition

When it comes to interacting with the other types of inner dialogue that roll out on repeat or every so often, it’s valuable to have a personal evaluation process.  Use the gifted sense of intuition daily to learn and master emotional responses. Through practice and breath, the presence of intuition is deepened.

It may be helpful to start with a practice of Emotional Hygiene. Click here to read my step by step blog post on the protocol for personal energy healing.

Emotional Teachers

Stillness during meditation may improve lessening reactions to triggers, yet the patterns of the past have been deeply ingrained in the make-up of our personalities. We see these patterns and traumas, even more, when we have inner reflections. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a sign ahead of time of letting us know these patterns are showing up for extinction!

We do, they are actually called emotions, and they are fundamental indicators, teachers, that bring light to a circumstance letting us know exactly how we feel about it.

It is then up to us then continue to extend the feeling or emotion by capturing it with our attention. Or, we can be simply in the moment with it and then let it go right after obtaining the lesson it is offering. What has it come to give?

“Emotions…are fundemental indicators , teachers, that bring light to circumstance”

-Olivia Perez Biera

Offering as a way of life

The idea that emotions are like offering from our higher selves to incubate in the reality of existence, should we choose to give them the fetal attention, can affect us differently. It provides you dominion to decide how we are feeling. That can feel like personal responsibility.

Our ancestors saw reality in a constant ebb and flow, give and take of gifting, offering, and exchanging with the relatives in all directions. Sharing the same energy made resposibility to it inevitable.

Offerings should never destroy another relatives way. Seek harmony with all the relatives in your offerings.

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